Diary Dates, AGM and the Smoking Leg Warmers

The diary dates has now been updated to the end of the year.   Click on the Google Calendar for all the details.    Neil is planning a couple of Sunday rides at the beginning of November and December.

From the end of October we will start the Winter program of having alternate rides from Market Harborough and Brampton Halt.   With The Bell now closed, the Market Harborough rides will start from The Cherry Tree.  There is a map link on the Calendar if you are note sure where it is.

The AGM will be on October 10th at The Stag’s Head in Maidwell.   Meeting starts at 19:30.  Arrive at 19:00 if you want to eat.  Check the forum for rides out to the AGM.    Please forward any agenda items to Neil, or post them on the forum.

As for the Smoking Leg Warmers…..
The Rothwell ride on Sept 26th turn out to be eventful for me.  After a puncture stop, my headlight was not working.  Nothing to worry about as its my dodgy wiring.   We arrive at the next gate with a strange burning smell and then a smoking Camelbak.   Turns out that I must have caught the wire after the puncture and caused a short circuit.  Before I could get the batteries out it had melted holes in the leg warmers and destroyed the cuff of a glove there were in the Camelbak.     Apparently I can get a Camelbak off quicker than Ralph can get off an electric fence!

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