Contact Us

If you want to find out more try one of the following:

Just turn up on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday ride.  All the details are on the Calendar.

Send us an e-mail to catsmbc at

Drop in to George Halls Cycle Center and talk to Neil.

Leave a comment on the website.

A membership form can be downloaded here:  CATS_Mountain_Bike_Club_Membership_Application

10 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Sorry, i can’t get on time, I lost to many time in the traffic. So you dont have to wait.

  2. Hi, thanks for the information. With a bit of luck can I join you on Wednesday this week

  3. Hi,
    From your schedule looks like you guys should be riding from loddington on Wednesday this week, I’d love to join in if possible? Where/when exactly do you meet? And roughly what is the route? I know the area a bit as I’ve been exploring from Desborough for a couple of years.

  4. Hi, I am a biker from Belgium and I am on a holliday from 10aug til 15 aug in market harborough. I am looking for a few nice tracks around in GPX, or maybe I can make a trip with some of you ?

  5. Hi we move to market Harborough this month and I am looking to join a off road group. Would I be able to join? Thanks Neil

  6. geoff jenkinson

    interested in coming along if you go out sundays,been going with rugby mountain bike club for a couple of years but it seems to have almost disappeared for some reason, im not the fastest of riders, aged 54 ,reasonably fit for age, where do you meet time etc would be coming from brinklow(driving to m haboro!!). geoff

  7. We meet at the market square opposite Market Harborough building society at 09:00 just as for Neil

  8. All welcome, please join us

  9. Hi there,
    I’ve recently in the last few months moved to South Leicester and have been looking for a local group in the area to ride. Would I be able to join you on Sunday for the Market Harborough / Wistow ride ? I have already done a little exploring of some of the local tracks around this area and have also over the last couple of years done a dozen or so of the classic rides in the Peaks.

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