George Halls Cycle Centre

One of CATS founding members, Neil Holman, is the owner of George Hall’s Cycle Centre in Market Harborough.   As such CATS has strong links to our Local Bike Shop which brings benefits to club members.    We get discounted prices, like 10% off bikes and 20% off parts and energy products.    We also get the excellent advice from someone who has spent all their working life in the bike industry.   If you are ever stuck for a hard to find component or spare part, Neil can normally find it for you, usually within a few days. 

As a regular on our Wednesday rides Neil will also take orders and make deliveries on a Wednesday night.  So if you are running low on Energy drink, ask Neil, and he will bring it along on Wednesday.   If you need a repair or service on a bike Neil can also take your bike after the ride and return it the next week…. but not after a muddy ride….

Local Bike Shops are the life blood of the industry and CATS relationship with George Halls will ensure we always have a proper bike shop we can use.

Neil also runs   Click the link to check it out.

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