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Since our proper forums have been hacked into and require a bit of on going maintenance we try this method.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

You can use this page to post your messages, comments, question etc here using the comment facility.    If you are adding your first comment it will have to be approved first.

12 responses to “Message Board – Forum

  1. Has anyone got the route map for The sandstone way I can copy please..

  2. Sunday Ride 09:00 2-3+hrs 08/09/13 Woburn Sands MK
    Church Lane
    Bow Brickhill
    MK17 9LQ
    Keep driving up the hill until you see a small car park on the right on a bank.
    I will not be leading the ride but a couple of locals I ride with will. CATS more than welcome, any questions let me know.

  3. Not riding tomorrow evening (28 Aug), unfortunately have tooth root taken out at 16:30, oooch

  4. Just entered Clee Hill trailquest, if anyone needs a lift then please let me know by Friday evening.


  5. Anthony Bowmer

    Hi, I entered @HiTerrainevents Whinlatter Off Road Duathlon, being run on 10/11/13. Be delighted to offer a lift to anyone else fancying a MTB Duathlon. Full details of event at this link:

    • got to do a few hours work in Staffs tomorrow morning (Aug 20th) so going to take the opportunity to do follow the dog / monkey trail at Cannock. if anybody fancies it I’ll be in the car park at Birches Vally at 12.00.

      • Martyn Bevan

        Just entered Clee trailquest, if anyone wants a lift then please let me know by Friday evening.

  6. Good morning to you all.

    Just a short note to remind club members that this Friday, the 9th August is Justin Mumfords Bulwick event at Spanhoe aerodrome, kick off at 7.15pm,

    We will be there on Wednesday evening, riding and planning a course.

    Then on Friday 23rd August is the last round of the FNSS at Kilworth Springs golf club.

    Marshalls are needed for both of these events.
    Remember, if you normally ride the FNSS, you can claim helpers points, so you don’t lose any qualifying points.

    If you marshal Bulwick then you can claim upto £10 expenses and if you marshal Kilworth you get the BBQ meal for FREE.

    I will soon need diary dates and Sunday ride dates for the next calendar.

    See you all soon.


  7. Darren Hooper

    Looks good but I will have to see if I’ve recovered from an op on my hand early in August

  8. Andrew HoltCATS Mountain Bike Club
    I’m planning to ride up Snowdon on either Wednesday or Thursday next week.
    I’ll be going up the ranger path and down the Llanberis path. It will be an early start due to the curfew no MTB’s allowed on the path after 10am. I’ll be looking to set off no from the base of Snowdon no later than 6am. Anyone interested

    • anyone who did HONC probably received the email about a new off-road event in Gloucestershire – MaD69er on Sunday August 25th. Me and Jase are up for it, anyone else?

  9. I’ve set up a CATS club on Strava, search CATS MBC to join.

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